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Review of 2023

I like to begin with my customary excuse for a lack of more regular blog posts; and my excuse this time around is well.... I was REALLY VERY busy touring, away from HQ a lot for the visitor season. This is a good complaint to have though still only a rather poor excuse but there it is !

I continue to undertake regular "Outlander" tours on behalf of Clans & Castles. This dramatisation of the stories written by Diana Galbadon has reached its 7th season and continues to have a huge following, especially with folk across the U.S.A. Those of us involved with the tourism business in Scotland are benefiting in many ways from the success of the production and its various spin-offs.

My touring itineraries were rich and varied in 2023. I was perhaps especially excited to return to the Orkney Isles for the first time since being a schoolboy and to finally get across to Lewis & Harris for the very first time; These island visits were part of an extended trip in the first 2 weeks of September and we were blessed with the most amazing spell of "Indian Summer" weather. I have been full of good intentions to make a trip to the Outer Isles for some years but somehow the opportunities had eluded me and there hadn't been the requests from clients..until now. I look forward to having a chance to go back out and hope to get to North & South Uist next time. Roll on 2024 with a healthily busy diary; I look forward to touring with many new visitors.

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